Bosatsu Consulting, Inc.
A fairly vanilla picture of Brian Sletten...

Brian Sletten is President of Bosatsu Consulting, Inc., a boutique software consulting company. He speaks frequently around the world at conferences, user groups, universities and corporate sites. Brian's current suite of talks are available here.

A product of growing up around the world and a liberal arts education from the College of William and Mary, Brian is able help solve problems, convey complex concepts and make technology choices accessible to technical and non-technical people alike. Brian has written a variety of technical articles on software design, the Web, Semantic Web technologies, REST, etc. and is currently working on a book on applying REST and Resource-Oriented Architectures in the Enterprise.

Brian is a member of The Association of Computing Machinery, has been bungee jumping in Guam, sang on an international pop hit, reads incessantly and has exquisite taste in music.

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